Shut up, Shiksa

by Rachel Hael

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released April 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Rachel Hael Boston, Massachusetts

a sad girl and her guitar

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Track Name: Back to You
Called him up and said, "Come over tonight"
Does he know he's not the one who's on my mind?
Eyes kept closed so I don't have to see his face
Hold my breath, try not to think of what a waste it's been

And I know you said, "Don't wait for me."
But baby, what else can I do?
You keep running right back to her
And I'll keep running back to you

When he leaves I say, "Make sure you shut the door"
If not this, then what the Hell's my body for?
He fills my time but he will never fill that void
I sleep alone, try not to think of how destroyed I am
Track Name: I'll Sleep (When You're Dead)
You should've put a bullet in my head,
You sunk five in my chest and let me bleed out, instead
I should've seen you for the wolf you are, not some tiny little lamb
I should've listened when they told me to run as fast as I can

The hardest thing I ever learned was how to love and then to burn
I lit a fire, I'll watch it spread, and then I'll sleep when you're dead

Now I won't claim I'm innocent,
I figured what you said was what you meant
I guess I should've asked more directly
There are things I'd like to know
Like why my heart races, why yours beats slow
And how you sleep, knowing you've taken me for a fool
Track Name: Pretty Things
You said, "I'm sorry for the pretty things"
You really thought you meant them
You regret all of the pain it brings
What I'd give to forget, again
You couldn't call me on the telephone
Or look me in the eye
You're the saddest song I've ever known
You don't even have to try

But you're not on your own
You're not the one who sleeps alone
You'll never reap what you have sewn in my backyard

If we're being honest, tell me dear
How did you make your selection?
'Cause I've never seen somebody disappear
Quite so fast in the other direction
You really talked a gorgeous game
But couldn't stick around to play it
You can tell them all that I'm insane
If it makes you feel better to say it

But you're not on your own
You're not the one who sleeps alone
You'll never reap what you have sewn in my backyard
You're sorry that you were not there
You're sorry 'cause you just got scared
But sorry doesn't make it fair to my poor heart